Casa Brasil - Brazil House

Casa Brazil - Brazil House

We have a new webpage: visit us in our new home!!

We are a Brazilian couple who have been through the immigration in the end of 2015, we know how difficult it is to find an apartment to rent, or to know which is the best neighborhood for our family, being far from Winnipeg or just a newcomer.

So, we want to help you!

We have a big house, which we share with newcomers. We have three different UPSTAIRS bedrooms, where you can live temporarily until you get things in place.

You can choose stay for few days or even few months. HOWEVER, if you make a reservation, we expect that you will stay the whole time reserved, otherwise we'll charge you 30% of the correspondent days left since we'll say NO to others requests. 

We are located on Aberdeen Avenue @ Main Street, just behind a Dollarama store. 

See below some pictures and the prics:e
There are 3 bus lines on Main, less than 2 minutes walking (Lines 15 - 18 and 20). 
We are 7 minutes by car and 12 by bus far from Red River College - The Roblin Center. 

The breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:30, can be earlier but not later.

We are flexible, let's talk. 

Our contacts are:

+ 1 204 590-6632

Rules of the House

Here you will find our guidelines for living together with us. Some guidelines are applicable to short terms stay others to long term.

Show your government issued ID when check in; 

We are a busy couple, so for the AirBnB customers, we expect you won’t stay during the day, we study and work, so we expect after you have the breakfast we all leave. Maybe we can even give you a ride.

You are welcome to come in as late as you like but we ask that you are respectful of other’s sleep, kindly keep the noise levels to a minimum between 10pm and 7am.

We like to keep the house clean and organized. If you use the kitchen or bathroom, please tidy up after yourself. Please do not spill water in the floor. After washing dishes  and pans we expect that you dry them and return them to the right place.

We kindly ask you to not have your meals in the room. We have a comfortable dinning room, please make yourself comfortable to have your meals in it.

The breakfast time is from 7am to 9:30am.

Since you are living together with other occupants/persons in one room, the guest is required to be free from bad body or underarm odor by putting up body or underarm deodorant or deodorizer. Toiletries such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste are at the expense of the guest; if there is any given at the bathtub, help yourself. Since this is a shared accommodation, always respect the rights of other guests.

Please remove footwear when entering house. 

Visitors are not allowed during Mondays to Fridays. You may entertain visitor during Saturdays and Sundays but only at the Living Room. Visitors are not allowed in the Bedroom. All visitors must have a prior permission from the host.

Weapons such as guns, ranger’s/hunting knives or any deadly equipment are not allowed to be possessed or carried by the guest outside or inside the house or inside the bedroom.

Don’t mess your room. Keep your bed/bedroom and toilet/bathroom cleaned at all time. Put all your trash to the trash can. Any damages caused by the guest will be charged to his/her account. Once a week you will need to vacuum and, dust your room, and change bedding and towels. We will provide you with cleaned bedding and towels.  Please put your dirty set of sheets and towel in the clothes hamper and start to use the fresh sheets and towel. We will return the second set to you after it has been washed. We will also clean the bathroom.

In Canada, we have many recycle programs in place and we try to use them as much as possible to protect our environment. Items such as plastic, newspapers, magazines, cardboard and drink containers or bottles are sorted into special bags or bins. Please ask for where you should put the recycles.

If you do spill something on the carpet, please tell us immediately.

If there are any serious stains you will need to pay for it to be cleaned.

Showers/bath should not be taken before 7am or after 10pm. Please limit showers/bath to 1 per day, 15 minutes at maximum in length. Extras baths can result in extras costs.

Please take a look at the bathroom before you leave it and make sure the counters are clean and you have taken / put away all your personal things. Please hang up your towel to dry on the hook in your room.

ALARM: When everybody leave the house we set the alarm. We will show you how the house alarm system functions – you will be given the alarm code, and a set of house key.

**Please ensure that if you are the last one to leave the house, you set the alarm each and every time.
** Please take care of the keys, if you lose them you will be charged $ 30.00 for another key set. Always take the keys with you so you are not locked out of the house.

LAUNDRY: If you want, we can wash and dry your clothes, for a small fee.

LIVING ROOMYou are welcome to watch the TV in the Lounge Room of an evening, please be sure to turn it off when finished. Not too loud as to disturb others in the house. 

SAFETY: Never open the door to strangers. Make sure you know the person. If you do not know them, NEVER open the door, no matter what they say or do. Your personal safety is important to us.  

PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS? You can always talk to us, the host family. If there is ever anything that troubles or concerns you, please do speak to us.

Apart from that, just treat us and the house with the same respect you would want to have in your home.

2 comentários:

  1. I stayed here for a couple of weeks. It was a nice and clean house. Cleuber and Criss gave me a lot of help. I hope you enjoy this place too.

  2. Ficamos na Casa Brasil entre os dias 9 e 14 de dezembro de 2015. Fomos muito bem recepcionados pelo Cleuber e pela Cris, muito bem tratados e nos sentimos em casa. Ficamos no quarto maior, espaçoso, tudo limpo, aconchegante e todos bem atenciosos. Para nós que chegamos a Winnipeg com um inglês não muito bom, eles tiveram uma grande ajuda para nos orientar em vários aspectos, dar dicas e conselhos importantes. Cris, em especial, é muito comunicativa, alegre e compartilhou um pouco de sua experiência canadense conosco. A casa fica perto de Downtown e facilitou nosso deslocamento. O bairro é lindo, parece cenário de filmes. Aproveitamos o Dollarama que fica, praticamente, ao lado e não temos do que reclamar. Recomendamos a Casa Brasil para quem precisa de um lugar seguro, agradável e precisa economizar com a estadia no tempo necessário para se organizar na cidade. Agradecemos ao Cleuber e a Cris pela recepção e estadia.